LUANAR students gear up to address environmental degradation

Students from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) have come up with a project known as Environmental Justice which is aimed at finding an alternative sources of energy for cooking  to address environmental degradation. 

The students, through Bunda Environmental Club, have come up with an initiative which is advocating for the use timber residues or rice husks and papers instead of firewood and charcoal for cooking.

Speaking during the demonstration of the initiative, in the area of group village headman Nkhumbwa in Machinga district, president of Bunda Environmental Club, Trevor Lakeli, said they have come up with the initiative after realizing how the environmental degradation is affecting climate change in the country.

Lakeli said: “Our aim is to advocate issues to do with climate change as we all aware of how it has affected the country and we believe that if people adopt this initiative then it will bring a great change in bringing back the lost glory of the country’s environment.”

He further said the project will ease the lives of people in rural areas because the materials to be used are cheap and readily available.

On the other hand, Climate Justice and Disaster Risk Management officer for TROCARE, an organization which is supporting the project, Phillip Nyasulu, said his organization has thought it wise to give a platform to the youth to take part in combating the climate change challenges.

He further said TROCARE is saddened with the impact of climate change in the country.

“Malawi just as other countries is greatly affected by climate change and this is evidenced by the recent floods that have claimed lives of people and destruction of properties hence we thought it wise to be involved in projects that are aimed at addressing climate change,” said Nyasulu.

Commenting on the project, Group Village Headman Nkhumbwa from the area where the project was demonstrated commended the project saying it will assist his area in addressing issues of environmental degradation.

Environmental Justice project is being implemented in Machinga, Balaka, Zomba and Chikwawa districts.

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