HRCC faults political parties on manifestos

Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) has expressed worry over failure by political parties to consult supporters at grass root level before formulating manifestos.

Speaking to YFM in Mzuzu during the Regional Consultative Forum with various stakeholders towards developing “the peoples manifesto” HRCC chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba said most manifestos are unlikely to be implemented by political parties once voted in power on May 21. 2019.

Mkwezalamba said findings have revealed that most political parties that have launched their manifestos so far have not gone through a consultative process with people on the ground.

He noted with concern that failure to consult citizens on the manifestos is not only affecting implementation of the developmental projects but also affects rights of people.

Mkwezalamba has since advised political parties to consult people before developing their manifestos so that they can address people’s needs to ensure the development of the economy.

“It is unfortunate situation and the repercussions is that politicians or the party will be presenting not what the people want in that particular area but will be presenting what the consultant or the politicians himself want for the people,” he said.

Commenting on the issue, Inkosi Kampingo Sibande said as of now no political party has consulted his area to find out what his people need as far as development is concerned.

Sibande said it is worrisome that political parties are launching their manifestos without consulting people on the ground, a development which he says will negatively affect implementation of exact projects that match people’s needs.

“I have not experience any situation whereby a political party is coming to get the manifestos from the people but actually the political parties develop the manifesto by themselves,” Inkosi Sibande said.

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