All set for Green Media Awards

Over 120 Journalists are expected to further their knowledge in environment and science during the 5th Annual General Meeting for the Association of Environmental Journalists (AEJ) from 11-13 April, 2019 in Blantyre.

AEJ President, Mathews Malata told YFM that as part of the AGM, the association has invited environmental and science experts to train the journalists on how best they can report environmental issues.

He said the AGM will also be spiced up by a live panel discussion on the role of forests in building a resilient nation.

Malata said the event will reach its climax Friday evening when outstanding journalists in reporting environmental and science issues will be awarded in a ceremony dubbed “Green Media Awards”.

He said the event will be followed by a freedom match on Saturday from Chichiri Shopping Mall to Blantyre City Centre.

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