Activist decries lack of financial muscle for female candidates

Gender equality activist Emma Kaliya says lack of financial muscle has contributed to the decreased number of female contestants in the May 21, 2019 elections.

Out of 1329 parliamentary aspirants, only 295 are women representing 22% and 645 women are contesting on councillor’s seat out of 2709 aspirants representing 31%. There is no female candidate on the presidential seat.

Kaliya said economic reasons have played a major role as most women although willing, could not afford to pay for the required contesting fee.

However, Kaliya said there is still a chance to even again 40% women representation both at parliamentary and council level if most of the women that are contesting are voted into power.

This is also coming at a time when Malawi has intensified the 50-50 campaign which aims at having equal representation of men and women in leadership positions.

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