Over 52,000 trees planted to control floods in Zomba

Zomba is one of the districts in Malawi which is mostly affected by floods. In 2015, Mwambananji area in Traditional Authority Chikowi  was one of the areas also affected by the floods.

In 2017, the World Food Program (WFP) together with World Vision under the Food assistant For Asset (FFA) started a project with the aim of dealing with such disasters.

People living in the area planted over 50,000 trees as a measure of controlling floods in the area under the Food assistant For Asset project.

One of the beneficiary of the project Kenneth Scott said since the project started in 2017, there has been a huge change as the area has not been hit by floods.

“In 2015 we encountered floods in our area, water was flowing everywhere and many houses were collapsed,” he said.

“But now with the help of FFA, we have managed to plant a lot of trees 52,000 in total and out of that figure, 48,000 trees have survived and the issue of floods in our area, is just a history.”

Asides that,  the Food assistant For Asset project is creating check dams which controls the flow of water from the Ulumba Mountain towards the houses in the area in order to address flood disaster issues.

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