Clean energy a way to go

Massive investments are needed in solar energy, providers have said.

Marketing and communications manager for FISD Limited Wezzie Chiumia said the energy poverty in the country can end if Malawians embrace clean energy.

Chiumia further appealed to government and private sector to ensure that they pump in resources towards clean energy so that demand for electricity is met and environment is conserved.

“All these entities have to commit to end the challenges that have rocked the energy sector and one way of doing that is by investing in clean energy.”

He is optimistic that in the long run solar energy has the potential to supersede hydro power.

“The future for clean energy looks so bright, it is high time we got innovative and graduated from our heavy reliance on hydroelectric power,” Chiumia Added.

So far two African countries Kenya and Morocco are among the top 12 leading countries that use renewable energy.

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