Analyst calls for improved election results management system

Chancellor College based political analyst has described last elections as one of the mostly contested since Malawi’s multiparty dispensation. 

Professor Mustafa Hussein said there were a lot of queries from different political parties and candidates due to irregularities such as the use of Tippex on results sheets which shows that there was a stiff competition during the elections.

“Malawi Electoral Commission-MEC did not do well in some areas in the elections management as some results sheets were found with Tippex,” he said.

Hussein said that such incidences should be avoided because they give room for cheating and rigging of the elections that affect the credibility of the results.

“Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) should avoid such occurrences in the future by hiring people that are well trained and provide warning to people who might want to indulge in vote-rigging,” said Hussein.

He has therefore urged MEC to adopt new technologies which are used in foreign countries in order to prevent vote-rigging.

Tippex was commonly used on tally sheets in May 21, 2019 Tripartite Elections, prompting the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to get a stay order restraining MEC to announce presidential results.

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