Met warns of harsh cold weather conditions

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has forecasted a cold weather season throughout the first week of June this year.

In statement issued by the Department`s Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Jolamu Nkhokwe, weather conditions over the country will be modified by local factors such as amount of clouds, altitude and water bodies.

Confirming the development to YFM, Nkhokwe said the position of the sun continues to move northward towards the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere resulting in shorter days and longest nights.

“Throughout this winter period, chilly weather conditions will be getting stronger as the amount of heat energy we receive daily from the sun continue to diminish in strength enhanced by the presence of clear skies causing nights and mornings to be very cold,” emphasized Nkhokwe.

“As temperatures continue to drop, the general public is advised to eat well, to wear layers of lightweight clothing, gloves, scarfs and even a hat to stay warm and help prevent losing your body heat,” warns the statement.

The statement has further cautioned the general public that space heaters should be placed on a level, hard surface and away from anything flammable materials and should be turned off before leaving the room or going to bed.

In additional, people are advised to avoid breathing in cold air by staying indoors or wearing a scarf over the mouth to avoid sore throat, catching cold and flu when temperatures are low.

The department said the cold weather, which started in May, will continue up to the month of September this year due to winter season which the country is now experiencing.

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