NYCOM realizes over K69m from Youth Independent Fund

Over K69 million has been amassed from the newly launched Youth Independent Fund, the National Youth Council of Malawi (NYCOM) has disclosed.

The initiative intends to mobilize K1 billion which will be used to support vulnerable youths through various entrepreneurial activities.

NYCOM’s Chief Executive Officer, Dingiswayo Jere told YFM on Tuesday that many organizations and individuals are still coming forward with their contributions to support the fund.

“We are happy that young people have appreciated and received this fund,” he said.

Jere they have already started receiving concepts and ideas from various youths and youth clubs on how they intend to use the funds.

“Some of them they would want to start poultry farming, some vegetable farming, some would want to expand their business ideas in terms of ICT to start up some mobile kiosks where people could be accessing internet,” he said.

Jere said the council is yet to sit down and identify concepts and proposals which can be supported.

“We are going to have a committee to select the proposals and concepts.

“We are looking forward to ideas that when implemented they are going to create employment to other people.”

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