Malawi on course on prison reform

The Malawi Prisons Service (MPS) says it is planning to drill its officers on the Nelson Mandela Rules, United Nations standard minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners.

MPS reviewed and amended prisoner’s records in April this year so that they should be in line with the Nelson Mandela Rules.

Speaking to YFM, MPS spokesperson Mike Shaba said this development will help effective delivery of the services.

“Currently we are only remaining with training the warders so that they should be familiar with what was amended and have the technical-know-how,” Shaba said.

In reaction, the Executive Director for Centre for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance-CHREAA, Victor Mhango commended the development saying prisoners will be living in humanitarian environment.

“This is very encouraging because if the Malawi Prisons Service implement this it means issues of congestion and food will be history,” Mhango said.

The prisoner’s records were reviewed and amended in April during a workshop that was held in Zomba.

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