Communities march against Chief Ngabu in Chikwawa

By Steve Chirombo

Some communities under Senior Chief Ngabu in Chikwawa district Monday marched to present their petition to the District Commissioner (DC) office over what they described as poor and corrupt leadership which has marred Ngabu Chieftaincy.

The communities carried with them banners which accused Senior Chief Ngabu as being too corrupt who is grabbing peoples land and sale to some financially stable individuals.

The angry communities who denied presenting their petition to the Principal Administrative Officer, Victoria Wane on behalf of the District Commissioner (DC), Lusizi Nhlane, carried with them some food stuffs saying they were ready to spend more days up until they meet the DC who was reportedly attending a funeral ceremony in Blantyre.

In an interview, leader of the delegation, Annuel Phalira said communities were tired of Ngabu chieftaincy.

He said the senior chief has for some time unseat some chiefs citing Khokwa, Halton as well as Chapomoka Traditional leaders whose chieftaincy has gone to other financially stable individuals.

“He doesn’t listen to people‚Äôs views even advise from Paramount Chief Lundu or the DC. All we want now is that government as well as the office of DC should help us have him removed as chief.

“If that fails, we will fight him on our own because we have tried using all formal channels of communication but nothing is coming up,” he alleged.

Phalira said that as concerned citizens, they wrote office of DC, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) as well as informed Ministry of Local Government on the same.

“We are now tired with his chieftaincy. Ngabu feels has so much power than government. He uses money to corrupt others and whosoever tries to correct him, is removed from the seat,” he cited

Phalira said they were giving government five days to have Ngabu removed promising unspecified action if that is not done.

Senior Chief Ngabu told Malawi News Agency that he indeed received a letter from the people and that discussions took place between him and the DC.

He hailed the communities for visiting the DC office saying that was the only way to exercise their rights to have their concerns heard.

“However, I am shocked and surprised at the way they have passed on their concerns. We have the DC, we have Paramount Chief Lundu as well as the ACB where they would channel their concerns than just waking up to say they want to unseat me.

“Mind you, those people are no members of my clan and they can’t unseat me. I am not moved! Not even an inch. And their actions will take them to nowhere,” Chief Ngabu pointed out.

Chikwawa DC, Nhlane said he would receive the petition which he would later forward it to his Ministry for action.

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