Mutharika to open 48th session of Parliament

All is set for President Peter Mutharika to open the first meeting of the National Assembly in the 48th session of Parliament on Friday, 21 June this year.

The newly elected legislators, who are currently attending an orientation session, will be sworn in next week on Monday, a ceremony which will be followed by election of Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the august House

In an interview with YFM, Assistant Clerk of Parliament Responsible for Protocol and Public Relations Leonard Mengezi said during the first meeting, members will deliberate much on the 2019-2020 budget.

“Basically the government does bring business, but the major one will be the budget which government will put into place for services and everything that government provides to the people in this country to be able to operating according to the law,” Mengezi said.

The orientation workshop is aimed at providing the newly elected legislators with general information on government operations and contemporary issues which are relevant to their parliamentary work.

According Mengezi, all cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and the Members of Parliament (MPs) are summoned to attend the meeting at the time and place indicated until adjournment Sine Dine.

The development follows declaration of the official results of parliamentary elections by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

The newly elected MPs will conduct their duties in the next five years.

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