Zomba District Council in women empowerment drive

By Synd Kalimbuka-Mana

Zomba District Council Saturday emphasized the need to promote women in leadership positions as one way of empowering and addressing their challenges.

The interest to promote women in Council positions started during its first full council meeting as members were electing Council Chairperson and his Deputy with a call from Member of Parliament from Zomba Changalume constituency, John Chikalimba who urged voting Council members to at least put a female councillor at one of the two positions.

“Our Council has only one female Councillor who has to be considered in one position regardless of our political differences. This will promote 50:50 campaigns which the country is fighting for,” he pointed out.

All voting Council members concurred with Chikalimba to promote gender balance in the council business.

After elections, the two positions of Council Chair and vice went unopposed to Democratic Progressive Party Councillor, Wilson Likhusa for Ntungulutsi Ward in Zomba Lisanjala Constituency and Councilor for Namilongo Ward in Zomba Changalume constituency, Everlister Kalimbuka respectively.

In his acceptance speech as Chairperson, Councilor Wilson Likhusa said he would work hard at developing a good working relationship between the elected members and council secretariat to ensure that Zomba develops.

Out of 18 Ward Councillors in the District Council, only Everlister Kalimbuka who has been elected as Vice chairperson is the female councilor.

Before the elections, Councilors took oath of secrecy which was administered by Senior Resident Magistrate, Christopher Makumba for Zomba District Magistrate.

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