Protesters to pay damages – Govt

Government says the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) will pay for the damages incurred during the post-election violence. 

Presenting a ministerial statement, the minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi told the National Assembly that the ongoing political violence has great impact on the county’s socioeconomic Development.

Dausi said responsible authorities are investigation the incidences.

“Those that were responsible for the demonstrations will also be responsible for compensating the property that have been lost, and those that have been injured have right to seek legal redress by addressing to HRDC and particularly the Malawi Congress Party,” said Dausi.

However, reacting to the sentiments, MCP’s National Youth Director Richard Chimwendo Banda has accused government of selective approach citing that the party is also a victim of political violence following police’s action to fire teargas and rubber bullets at the party’s Building in Lilongwe.

“It was unfortunate for the Minister of Homeland Security in his statement not to mention about the police invasion of the MCP headquarters twice without even anyone being violent,” queried Chimwendo Banda.

He added that the Minister has been selective in his sentiments.

“It’s selective approach to what is supposed to be a serious matter on the floor, and the Party condemns violence at any given time,” said Chimwendo Banda.

Meanwhile, police have so far arrested 8 people in relation to Thursday’s national wide demonstrations organised by the HRDC.

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