UDF appeals for coexistence amid post-election violence

The opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) has called for coexistence among Malawians amid rising of cases Post Election violence in the country.

In his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Friday, President Peter Mutharika told the newly elected legislators that Malawi is one of the most peaceful countries on earth.

“I speak at a time when Malawi has been declared one of the most peaceful countries on earth. Malawi is the third most peaceful country in Africa,” said Mutharika.

But reacting to Mutharika’s address, Leader of UDF in Parliament Lilian Patel has said the country’s peace is under threat following rising cases of riots accompanied by tribalism.

“What we are experiencing now in this country it’s not a conflict of elections only, yes the courts will rule, but there is underground things that are boiling in people’s hearts,” said Patel.

She continued by calling for national dialogue on the current political instability.

“I was a saying, a question of tribalism, can a court rule that? A question of nepotism, can a court rule that? So what Malawi needs is a inclusive dialogue,” added Patel.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Congress Party, through its Whip in the House Lobin Lowe has told YFM that the Party still maintains its stand of not recognising President Mutharika as the legitimate leader, hence the party will not respond to his State of the Nation Address.

“It’s our position, we don’t recognise Peter Mutharika as legitimate State President of Malawi, and that’s why the case is in court, so we know where we from, we are supposed to be on the right hand side of the Speaker, not here,” declared Lowe.

After being asked on the presence of the MCP lawmakers in Parliament, Lowe said they are attending the sessions to pass the provisional budget.

“We have got a budget to pass, so to us it’s a priority, we are here to serve the people out there, so we didn’t want to disturb all the activities of government,” said Lowe.

Meanwhile, Parliament has opened a general debate on the State of Nation Address.

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