TEVETA asked to do more to promote youth self-employment

The Technical Entrepreneurial and Vocation Education and Training (TEVETA) has been asked to start recognizing youth organizations which are meeting standards of offering vocation training as a way of encouraging the youth to become self-employers.

Lilongwe Youth Organization (LIYO) Executive Director Yamikani Chunga made the appeal during a graduation ceremony of youth and women from the organization who have completed their course in brick laying and tailoring among others.

Chunga said it is a setback that since its inception in 2013 the organization has not yet been recognized by TEVETA though being an affiliate of the National Youth Council (NYCOM).

He graduates from the organization cannot secure employment as they do not have certificates and it also becomes hard for the find a start-up capital.

Chunga has therefore asked TEVETA to bail them out of the burden.

In his remarks, Chief Executive officer for the National Youth Council Dingiswayo Jere said they are aware of the problem facing the organization.

Jere said at the moment the council is already in talks with TEVETA to address the challenge.

LIYO with financial support from tools for self-reliance-UK has a membership of 158 people with 83 males, 73 females and two people with disabilities.

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