Malawi College of Health Sciences students petition Parliament

The Malawi College of Health Sciences (MCHS) students have given Parliament a 48-hour ultimatum for the Legislature to intervene on the closure off its campuses 8 months ago. 

The students conducted peaceful demonstrations on Monday to express dissatisfaction over the closure of all its campuses and have presented their petition to the National Assembly.

Speaking to YFM just after presenting the petition Mother Union President for all the campuses Iso Ken Bond said the students will be demonstrating and conducting vigils till their grievances are addressed.

“If they are not going to address is we are going to do demonstrations and vigils here [Parliament],” cautioned Bond.

Bond complained that the closure of the schools has affected the students academically, and that they are tired of staying at home.

“I have one word, enough is enough, we are tired and we have been home more than 8 months now, do we need government to address us as soon as possible so that we should go back to school,” complained Bond

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Mzimba South East, Ackson Kalaile Banda who received the petition on behalf of the Speaker, said the petition will delivered to the Speaker and eventually discussed in the August House.

“Actually, we are going to present the petition to Parliament, especially Madam Speaker, and we expect the action to take place there,” said Banda.

The sit in by MCHS staff started way back in 2016 amid rising demands of salary increment and better working conditions in all campuses.

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