MEC faulted on election case signatures saga

Mzuzu based social and political commentator Emily Mkamanga has faulted the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) for being reactive following attacks on its officials and lawyers.

In a statement released on Sunday, MEC Chief Elections Officer Sam Alfandika asked the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to withdraw its statement which is calling on Malawians to apprehend MEC lawyers and officials who are collecting information from presiding officers for the on-going presidential election court case.

MCP Publicity Secretary Reverend Maurice Munthali alleged in a statement that MEC is collecting signatures for “clandestine” result sheets in exchange for money, an allegation that the electoral body has dismissed.

Mkamanga told YFM in an interview on Monday that while the statement by MCP has caused tension and is obstructing MEC staff while on duty, MEC is to blame for conducting the exercise whose results were already announced.

“This does raise suspicions considering that results of the elections were already announced, MEC is supposed to have all the information from the officers and not collecting the information now,” she said.

According to Mkamanga, given the current political tension it is required of MEC to be extra careful in whatever it does.

She added that the situation would have been avoided if MEC was updating the nation whatever it is doing to avoid speculations.

Mkamanga said MEC should have come with explanations beforehand instead of being reactive to the situation.

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