Zathu Pa Wailesi unveils season 5

In a bid to create fantastic fun and exciting competition among the country`s young people Zathu Pa Wailesi has unveiled a new fun packed fifth season with an thrilling competition to award loyal fans.

Addressing a news conference in Lilongwe, C-Zee and Goxy said in a run up to Season 5, listeners will stand a chance to win different great prizes and one huge prize including Zathu Banda live at the prescribed school or community ground. 

Both C-Zee and Goxy have told YFM in an interview that the season 5 will bring a number of sensational events in regards to the unfolding of the radio drama, and the competition will run throughout the season.

Our people, our fans should expect that there is going to be more fire and it’s gonna be hotter and hotter because we have a competition that’s rolling out,” C-Zee said. 

Zathu listeners can participate in the quiz by listening to the show and submitting their answers via SMS or through their brand ambassadors, clubs, or schools.

According to Zathu, the competitions will be entered in a monthly draw for August, September and October for 30 winners to win super monthly prizes and the grand prize is in October.

C-Zee said ever since the inception of the season on the country`s airwaves on July 22, 2019 the impact is going to be tremendous on part of the targeted audience.

“The impact speaks for itself in Season 5, me and Goxy will be travelling from the north all the way to the south, so we will go through all this and to meet up with the youth that have inspiring stories that we feel everybody needs to hear the story,” C-Zee said.     

C-Zee and Goxy plan to go as far as Karonga and Nsanje in search of amazing youngsters and exciting events and Gogo, the wise counsellor will be answering those important questions from young people around the country on Facebook and on radio.

The dual will host a special concert for the grand winner who can invite family, friends and community to watch a live Zathu Band performance right in their community.

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