Government pledges to protect rangers

Government says it is committed to making sure that rangers in the country are well protected from all forms of danger in course of their duty.

The commitment comes as Malawi joins the rest of the world in commemorating World Rangers Day which falls on July 31 every year as a day of remembering all rangers who die in course of their duty and also cerebrating their work.

Director in the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa told YFM in an interview that despite that the country has lost rangers, government is committed in ensuring that the country`s rangers are protected both from poachers and animals.

“We ensure that each time they go out in the field they are armed with firearms, but also we give them protective clothing that also prevent them from being harmed by things like snake but also bad weather,” he said.

Kumchedwa has however added that the country’s rangers are also impacted by the wild animals when they are carrying out their duties

“Here in Malawi our rangers are not spared, they are either killed by dangerous animals or they are killed by armed poachers, a good example is just very recently when we lost a British Soldier in Liwonde National Park who was killed by an elephant,” he said.

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