Analyst hails Uladi Mussa’s resignation

A political analyst says the resignation of Uladi Mussa, a senior aide to President Peter Mutharika, is a lesson to public officers whose conduct is questionable.

On Monday, the State House announced that Mussa has resigned as presidential adviser on parliamentary affairs on personal grounds

Speaking in an interview with YFM, George Phiri said Mussa has challenged other public officials who do not resign when the public demand them to leave office.

“This is an example to all Malawians and all politicians,” Phiri from University of Livingstonia said.

He added that no public official should hold the nation at ransom for personal pride.

“Some people think that it is difficult for politicians to resign. It is not true, they can resign. People that have a heart for other people can resign at any time when they see that their services are not being accepted in the society.

“When one resigns he or she still remain a person. People have to understand this that there being in the society they need to consider also not their only personal needs but also the needs of the society,” Phiri said.

Despite resigning from government, Mussa is still vice-president of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for the Central Region.

Recently, the United States government banned Mussa and his family from going to America on alleged involvement in the passport and citizenship scandal which is before court.

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