FEDOMA holds reflection meetings for aspirants

By Rachel Whayo

Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) has started conducting reflection meetings for persons with disabilities who were candidates in the May 21 elections.

FEDOMA head of programmes Symon Munde told YFM that the meetings are being held to reflect on their successes and failures.

“We are engaging people with disabilities who succeeded and those who did not succeed in the May 21 tripartite elections so that we reflect on where we went wrong and where we were right so that we learn from the flaws as well as the success and see how we can move forward,” he added.

Munde said the meetings are also aimed ensuring increased participation of people with disabilities in various positions in the public sector.

He said their main interest in the involvement of people with disabilities is not only limited to them being councilors or members of parliament but also in other positions.

“As FEDOMA we will soon engage the executive arm of government which has the mandate to appoint people in other positions to see how we can discuss and make sure that we benefit from the power of the president on the matter,” Munde highlighted.

He added that all this will boost the performance of people with disabilities even in the up-coming 2024 elections in Malawi.

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