Analyst tips government to utilize a court order

Chancellor College Political analyst, Earnest Thindwa, says the 14-day moratorium given by the Supreme Court of Appeal ordering the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) to suspend demonstrations, offers government an opportunity to work out on reaching a compromise with the grieving parties.

On Tuesday Evening the Supreme Court of Appeal in Lilongwe issued a 14-day moratorium against the Anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations to pave way for the HRDC and the government sides to discuss and agree on security modalities aimed at preventing incidents of violence and crime during the demonstrations.

Phiri said the period which the court gave the two sides is an opportunity for government to come up with the lasting solution to address the current political stalemate.

Thindwa said: “I don’t understand why it is proving so difficult for the government to ask Jane Ansah to step aside for the sake of public interest and I believe they will utilize this 14-day moratorium as a window of opportunity to hold serious discussion with HRDC and listen to their concerns and respond positively.”

He further warned that if government fails to use this opportunity to settle the matter with HRDC then the nation should anticipate a wave of demonstrations that could be worse than the ones already experienced.

The country has so far experienced a series of five Anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations that have ended in violent acts.

Meanwhile, Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi, has declined to comment on the government’s schedule with HRDC as ordered by the Supreme Court.

On the other hand HRDC Chairperson, Timothy Ntambo, has warned that if government fails to cooperate on the negotiations during the 14 day given period as directed by the court, then the coalition will be left with no option but to resume the demonstrations.

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