Government clears mist over absence at World Economic Forum 

Government has singled out logistical challenge as one of the reasons why Malawi has not been represented at this year`s World Economic Forum on Africa Meeting currently underway in South Africa.

The Forum got underway on Wednesday in Cape Town amid protests and a wave of xenophobic violence that have gripped Johannesburg a development which has been heavily criticized by neighboring countries.

However, Malawi Government says the current xenophobic attacks are not part of the reasons for its failure to send a representative.

Some international media reports indicated that the Presidents of Rwanda, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo boycotted the forum to protest the xenophobic violence.

But Government Spokesperson, Mark Botomani, said the country has logistical constraints that are limiting its ability to be represented at the meeting.

“The reasons are to do with some logistical challenges that we have and this has nothing to do with xenophobic attacks that are taking place in South Africa as some people have been speculating,” said Botomani.

Commenting on xenophobic attacks, Botomani advised Malawians living in South Africa to remain safe as government is closely monitoring the situation in collaboration with South African authorities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, through a press statement, has advised Malawians in RSA to present themselves to any nearest police station and immediately report to the High Commission in Pretoria or the Consulate in Johannesburg.

In recent days, Johannesburg has been struggling with a wave of looting targeting tourists and immigrants which has left at least five dead and 100 arrested.

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