MPs asked to prioritize pertinent issues

By Julius Caleone Mbewe

CCAP Synod of Livingstonia’s Church and Society has urged Members of Parliament to take deliberations of the 2019/20 National Budget meeting seriously by among others avoid unnecessary absenteeism and spending time on matters that are not of public interest.

Church and Society Executive Director, Moses Mkandawire, made the call amid complaints from different stakeholders on how legislators have been conducting themselves during previous meetings.

Mkandawire said: “Parliament does play a critical role in the socioeconomic and political development processes of any nation more especially this time whereby the national budget is about to be deliberated,”

He said lawmakers should make sure that they represent their constituents in a manner that will help to address social and economic challenges suffocating livelihoods of most Malawians rather than wasting the hard-earned taxpayer’s money on non-productive debates.

Previous parliamentary meetings have been characterized by massive absenteeism a development which has been criticized by different stakeholders.

Recently, the Business Committee which comprises the leadership of political parties represented in parliament made a resolution that legislators who absent themselves from National Assembly business risk having their daily allowance deducted.

The legislators are expected to meet for the next 5 weeks to discuss on the 2019/2020 national economic blueprint.

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