GVH appeals for children’s education support

Group Village Headmam (GVH) Ching’anda of M’biza village in Zomba district has appealed to organizations to bring more role models in his area with the aim of inspiring children to work hard in school.

GVH Ching’anda made the remarks on the sidelines of an awareness campaign on human trafficking organized by Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) in the area.

He said the initiative of using role models is a powerful tool to encourage children to work hard and pursue with their studies.

Therefore GVH Ching’anda appealed to organizations to bring role models in the area who will inspire children to pursue their studies.

GVH Ching’anda said: “We want organizations to showcase the role models so that at least children can be motivated to stay in school with a vision.”

He further said many children in his area do not realize the importance of school because there are no role models who visit their schools to inspire them.

He also emphasized on the need for organizations to support the needy children with school necessities such as school fees.

“It’s my plea to all the well-wishers to come to our rescue because many children are absconding school due to the rising levels of poverty.

YONECO is taking part in 140 days of commemoration of human trafficking which the country is observing from July to December.

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