Employ Malawians in tourism industry-Bagus

As Malawi is observing tourism month, Government has issued a stern warning to players in the tourism sector against importing labour despite the country having the skilled personnel who can handle such jobs.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Salim Bagus, said Government has learnt with great concern that some hotel owners are importing unqualified foreigners to work in the country while qualified Malawians are left jobless.

Bagus emphasized that Malawi has a well-trained and skilled labour force capable of providing services that can boost the country`s tourism.

“As government we are doing our best to protect jobs of Malawians but it’s becoming a challenge because some hotel owners have tendency of employing unskilled foreign people,” lamented Bugus.

He further said most of these foreigners are working without proper documents.

He therefore warned that government shall take the perpetrators to task and impose a stiff punishment to the extent of closing their businesses.

“We want skilled Malawians to secure such jobs,” he said.

The 2019 national tourism month will officially be commemorated on September 27 under the theme: “Tourism and Jobs: a Better Future for All”.

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