Kaphale finishes cross-examining Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, who is the second petitioner in the ongoing May 21 election case, has told the constitutional court in Lilongwe on Friday morning that the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) lied to Malawians that all the 147 electoral complaints were resolved before announcing the final results.

Answering to questions by lawyer for the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Kalekeni Kaphale, who is also the Attorney General, Chakwera said his party witnessed irregularities in 78 constituencies but most of the complaints were not addressed as claimed by the electoral body.

The MCP leader has since yesterday been in the witness box testifying on how his party thinks the May 21 election was mismanaged.

Unlike yesterday, there were few cases of objections and interjections in the court.

Meanwhile Kaphale has finalized cross-examining Chakwera and the case has been adjourned to September 30.

Chairperson of the five-judge panel, Healy Potani, said from September 30, the intension is to sit for another three weeks which will take the matter to October 18.

Chakwera’s appearance comes after the first petitioner, Dr. Saulosi Chilima, and his three witnesses finished giving their evidence in the same court.

MCP and UTM parties are contesting that Mutharika won a fraudulent election citing the use of tippex, fake results sheets, intimidation of party monitors, among other irregularities.

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