Suspect who attempted to bomb HRDC car still on police bail

The Malawi Police Service are yet to charge a man suspected of attempting to petrol-bomb a vehicle belonging to the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) in Lilongwe.

National police spokesperson, James Kadadzera, said police are yet to formally charge the suspect, a Mr. CC kafumbwa, two weeks after he was apprehended by HRDC’s security detail before handed him over to the law enforcing agency.

Kadadzera further said the suspect, who was found with an identity card of the National Intelligence Bureau, bearing his name, was released on bail the same week of his arrest on medical grounds.

He said: “The suspect was indeed in police custody but as I am talking now he is out on police bail to receive medical attention because on the day he was captured he was assaulted before being brought to police.”

However, Kadadzera declined to disclose the day when the suspect will be charged saying “we will communicate to you what will happen thereafter.”

It is alleged that on August 30, the suspect was seen by HRDC security detail with a grenade going towards the activists’ vehicle but he escaped before he was apprehended.

But two weeks ago he was apprehended after being recognized by the HRDC security men.

The incident occurred at Crossroads Hotel where members of the HRDC met the Attorney General and the Malawi Police to discuss the way forward regarding post-election demonstrations.

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