New setup for Mzuzu Fashion Week

Organizers of the Mzuzu Fashion Week 2019 say models for this year’s event will perform for free.

In 2017, models who took part in the event, almost took the organizers to court for failing to pay them their agreed payment.

Mzuzu Fashion Week co-founder, Wezzie Mzumara said due to funding challenges and to avoid a repeat of such cases, the models have been engaged on a voluntary basis.

Mzuzu Fashion Week is an entertainment event that is held annually and attracts various artists and entrepreneurs. This year’s event will be held from October 3-6.

However Mzumara said despite getting the models at a voluntary basis, there is a catch to it as they will be assigned to their label and be able to get gigs.

One of the models Becky Thindwa said she just agreed to the work conditions because she wants to expose herself.

Some service providers, like photographers and makeup artists, have also spoken up on the money issue when dealing with Mzuzu Fashion Week organizers.

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