All set for Hangout Music Festival

Organizers for the inaugural Hangout Music Festival, GWL Promotions have announced that all the preparations for the festival slated for October 4-6 at Sunbird Livingstonia beach in Salima are on track.

The three day festival has been organized to celebrate music, pageantry, sports and arts on the silver sand beaches of Livingstonia.

The event which has been organized in conjunction with Sunbird Tourism PLC, wants to give a diverse lake treat to the patrons through numerous musical performances and other entertaining activities throughout the weekend.

According to GWL Promotions director Levi Msakambewa, the festival intends to bring a unique feel in as far as celebration of arts and culture is concerned, combining with a lot of sporting activities by the beach.

“The overall purpose of the hangout music festival is to act as a platform for entertainment, fun, creative arts and music performances where people including artists sample performances from established professional artists and at the same time the festival provide tourism opportunities for Malawi,” said Msakambewa.

Msakambewa further said that the festival has come to stay and will be held annually to celebrate arts and culture and also help to promote tourism activities.

The festival promises to be a fully packed entertainment event this summer as it has included a number of water sporting activities such as yachting for canoes and motor boats, racing, aerobics and other activities by the beach.
Patrons at the festival will also enjoy the Miss Hangout Music festival beauty pageant.

Some of the artists performing at the festival this weekend include PST and Dingo from Zambia, The Black Missionaries, Sangie, Dan Lu and Billy Kaunda just to mention but a few.

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