Mentor mothers denounce ‘Kusasa fumbi’

Mentor mothers in Mulanje are geared to end harmful cultural practices that contribute to HIV infections among girls.

This was revealed on the sidelines of a mother group training at Limbuli Education Zone in Mulanje district.

After being trained by YONECO the mother group members told YONECO FM online that most girls in their area risk contracting HIV because they are advised to have sex after undergoing initiation.

Children as young as 12 are initiated and fed with information that is meant for an adult who is preparing for marriage.

Odeta Gudson from Sulumba Village and mentor mother at Malilima school said she will enlighten girls on the dangers of cultural practices such as Kusasa fumbi where an adolescent girl is encouraged to have sex as a way of cleansing herself after an initiation ceremony.

“My job is to discourage girls from initiation ceremonies because they are no good.”

Tereza Njole from Nsikita village and mother group member for Monjole School said there has been change in her area after holding meetings with traditional leaders where the issue of initiation ceremonies was raised and according to her no ceremony of this nature was held in her area this year.

“We had meeting with traditional leaders and denounced these initiation ceremonies and I am happy to say that no ceremony.”

Yoneco targeted 59 mother group members in this training.

Mulanje’s HIV prevalence rate is at 21%.

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