Lack of collaboration among stakeholders worries ICT association

The Lack of collaboration among stakeholders is affecting implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) innovations which are also crucial for the country’s development.

Information Communication Technology Association of Malawi (ICTAM) president Bram Fudzulani said this ahead of the 4th ICT Innovation Awards, an annual event which is slated for November.

In an interview with YFM online, Fudzulani said most innovators work in separation which makes it hard to deal with other problems affecting the country as there is always a replica of the work being implemented on the ground.

“It is very hard to see the fruits of the work that is being done on the ground because different players are working in separation hence they end up implementing the very same thing leaving other issues hanging,” he said.

“All we need is create an environment which will complement each other’s’ efforts so that we don’t have to repeat the same things that the donor community is trying to achieve, we can use the same effort and promote the innovations.”

Fudzulani however said that currently they are trying to find a partner who would understand the relevance of the innovative ideas and strike a business with the young innovation to scale up development of the country through several sectors.

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