Parliament calls for Loan`s Board review

Parliament says there is need to review the criteria that is used by the High education student`s Loans Board (HESLGB) when giving out loans to students from high learning institutions.

The call follows a petition by concerned needy students in the country who are seeking parliament’s intervention on loans access.

Speaking to YFM, chairperson for Parliamentary Education Committee Brainex Kaise said most needy students are failing to access loans from the board.

“The majority of needy students are left out but sometimes they take abler students of whom most are asking for full loans because of the circumstances they go through,” said Kaise.

Kaise has since called for an intervention from relevant stakeholders aiming at addressing the challenges that the students are facing.

“What needs to be done is that members from our committee, the education committee, members from loan board, ministries of education and finance and even leaders from these high institutions of learning,” proposed Kaise.

The High education student`s Loans Board was established to provide accessible and affordable loans and grants to deserving students perusing high education in the country.

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