DFID procures Ebola medical supplies for Malawi

The Department for International Development –DFID UK has given Malawi Ebola prevention and treatment supplies to assist the country in Ebola prevention.

Ministry of health spokesperson Joshua Malango has confirmed the development in an interview with YONECO FM online saying the supplies have arrived  in the country on Tuesday October 8, 2019.

Recently there was an Ebola scare in Tanzania a country which borders with Malawi and this caused panic among Malawians.

In the month of September,the Blantyre District Health office embarked on Ebola awareness campaigns in light of Tanzania’s Ebola scare.

Ebola has killed thousands of people in countries like DRC, Guinea and Sierra Leone among others.

Symptoms of Ebola include, vomiting, fever, diarrhea and severe headache, to mention a few.

Currently, there is no cure for Ebola though researchers are currently working on it.

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