Political parties condemn police officer’s murder

UTM party and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have condemned the cold-blooded murder of a police officer, Superintendent Usumani Imedi during a fracas at Msundwe Trading Centre in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

In their statements, the parties said differences in political affiliations should not make Malawians turn against each other.

“Political differences should not made Malawians turn against each other,” the statements reads.

The statement further said that police officers deserve our sympathy as they always remain true to their professional oath of maintaining law and order in the country.

On the other hand, MCP said law-enforcers in the country should properly investigate the murder case to ensure that perpetrators of the case are brought to book and face natural justice.

Meanwhile, 40 people have been arrested in relation to the case.

The body of Superintendent Imedi was laid to rest on Wednesday at his home village in the area of Traditional Authority Makanjira in Mangochi District.

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