Government asked to enforce retirement regulations

The Livingstonia synod of the CCAP has urged government to put in place mechanisms that will ensure that employees are retiring in time in order to create opportunities for fresh blood.

General Secretary of the synod, Reverend Levi Nyondo made the call during the graduation ceremony of the 13th congregation of the University of Livingstonia.

Reverend Nyondo said he has noted with concern the number of aged people that are still clinging to their positions when they are supposed to retire.

“It is not on to find people aged more than 65 and still working whilst fresh graduates are struggling to find employment,” he said.

University of Livingstonia chancellor, who is also moderator of Livingstonia synod, Reverend Douglas Chipofya echoed Nyondo’s sentiments.

He said he is confident of the crop of graduates the University has produced and it is only right that they are given a chance to employment.

In his response, principal secretary in the ministry of education, Justin Saidi said even though the progress has been slow, government is working tirelessly in ensuring that those that have reached 60 have retired.

He however said the graduating students should not only look out for employment, but also think big and even start their own businesses.

One of the graduates, Thuliwe Kathumba said most institutions call for already experienced people while they do not create room for the much needed experience.

606 students graduated during the congregation, 248 were female representing 41 %.

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