More resources needed to end human trafficking

The battle against human trafficking cannot be won if adequate resources are not given to stakeholders to raise awareness on the matter.

This is according to the Executive Director for People Saving Girls Caleb Ng’ombo at risk who spoke to YONECO FM online within the 140 days campaign against human trafficking and migration.

Ng’ombo noted with concern that most non-governmental organizations are failing to educate people on the subject but cases on human trafficking are on the increase.

“We commend the UN for introducing the 140 days campaign against human trafficking.”

“I have not seen many organization implement activities to counter trafficking understandably because they do not have resources.”

Ng’ombo worried that after the campaign is over there will not be much to celebrate because not all areas would have received messages on human trafficking.

“I really do not feel like there will be any change after this because there isn’t much ground work.”

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