Government bans mono-filament fishing nets

Government has effected a ban on the use of mono-filament nets for fishing purposes in all water bodies across the country.

The introduction of the ban follows a revelation that mono-filament nets are not readily biodegradable and pose serious environmental hazards to aquatic ecosystems.

In an interview with YFM Online, Director of Fisheries in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Dr. Friday Njaya said most fishermen in the country`s lake have been using very small nets and other equipment for fishing.

“It has been so common nowadays unlike in the past, most fishermen use very small nets [mono-filament nets] and a threat to ecosystem so that’s why we came with ban,” said Dr. Njaya.

Dr. Njaya added that the ban has been effected in order to protect water bodies and fish stocks from pollution which kills fish.

“These nets [mono-filament nets] are a threat to aquatic life as the fish as well as other aquatic animals,” added Dr. Njaya.

The directive of the ban is in accordance with the Fisheries and Management Act of 1997, Section 3 (1) (b).

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