Mzuzu registers rise in motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Mzuzu have increased with 50 percent from January to October this year compared to the same period last year.

21 cases of motorcycle accidents were registered of which five were fatal whilst 16 were minor.

During the same period 21 cases of motorcycle theft were registered representing 100 percent increase while during the same time in 2018, only nine were reported.

This forced the Malawi Police Service (MPS) in Mzuzu to engage with the motorcycle operators and find solutions to the problem.

During the meeting, it was discovered that most of the motorcycle operators do not have driving licenses and some are amateurs coming from operating bicycles hence the increase in accidents.

Mzuzu motorcycle union chairperson, Moffat Harawa applauded the police for the engagement and said such meeting will greatly make a difference.

Moffat said the operators meet various challenges including not being paid by their customers and sometimes beaten or taken advantage of.

Mzuzu police spokesperson, Edith Kachotsa said police thought engaging the operators is the best way as they are the ones facing the challenges and would come up with best solutions.

Kachotsa said the police will take the points raised at the meeting into consideration.

Despite being a city, Mzuzu has a great number of motorcycle and bicycle operators operating within the city.

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