Expert urges farmers to venture into crop diversification

A renowned agricultural analyst in the country has tipped farmers to prioritize crop diversification in the forthcoming farming season to ensure food security.

The analyst, Tamani Nkhono Mvula told YFM online that it is high time farmers abandon the tradition of relying on growing the country’s staple food, maize, as it has huge impacts when uncertainties including droughts strike.

“The problem we have in the country is that we still stick to the old traditions of relying much on maize which is the staple in our country, but we should appreciate that times have changes. We should appreciate that maize alone is not enough to feed the whole country,” he said.

“Its high time farmers venture into crop diversification because it helps in times of uncertainties such as droughts and floods, farmers will always have something to fall back on,” he added.

Nkhono also said that farmers should explore modern farming methods and utilize the readily available information on good farming in order to increase their crop productivity.

Meanwhile, Nkhono has called on the farmers to be on their feet and watch out for the rain so ensure that that they grow crops in good time.

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