Availability of nutritious food key to reducing stunting levels

Famers Union of Malawi (FUM) says availability of nutritious food at household and national level is one critical step towards reducing stunting levels in children to zero.

Project manager for Adolescent Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (ANSA) at FUM, Jacob Nyilongo told YFM that cases of stunting in the country are at 37% because most households are not able to get nutritious and balanced diet due to limited knowledge on the kinds of food recommended for proper diet.

With financial support from Japan Social Development Fund through World Bank,  FUM is encouraging people in the country to increase production and consumption of bio fortified foods such as orange maize and yellow sweet potatoes which have high content of nutrients.

Director of nutrition and HIV and AIDS in the ministry of agriculture Blessing Muwalo said government is committed to eradicating cases of stunting in the country through implementation of various health-centered initiatives.

Muwalo has told YFM that stunting is one factor that contributes to insignificant social and economic development of the country.

He therefore appealed to Malawians to start cultivating biofortified crops in order to fight malnutrition.

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