CISANET urges farmers to insure crops

An appeal has gone to farmers in the country to insure their crops amid devastating effects of climate change.

The plea has been in Lilongwe during a policy dialogue on crop insurance organised by the Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET).

In an interview with YFM, CISANET National Director, Pamela Kuwali said farmers in the country need to work on the resilient solutions in the agriculture sector by, among other solutions, insuring their crops.

“We think it’s important for all stakeholders to begin to look at innovative solutions as to how we can strengthen the resilient of our farmers and one way that we can do that cover is to them as far the risks of climate change,” said Kuwali.

She therefore called for intensive efforts in making sure they reach out to farmers in the country.

“We need concerted efforts, we need to work together as stakeholders to see how best can we support our farmers to afford insurance for their crops,” Kuwali said.

On his part, one of the stakeholders in the agriculture sector, Professor David Kamchacha of Mtalimanja Holdings said crop insurance is vital towards protecting crops from uncertainties.

“You cannot predict how the weather is going to be, disasters are coming from all kinds and therefore to mitigate the risks, farmers need to take crop insurance,” said Professor Kamchacha.

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