Malawi to launch e-visa service

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services is set to launch online visa service on November 1, 2019 for visitors to Malawi.

Immigration Department National Public Relations Officer, Joseph Chauwa said the development will ensure timeliness and efficiency in facilitating travel into the country.

“In the past we have been using manual way to grant visas for travellers to Malawi which was taking much time, that is why as Immigration department we embarked on this online project.

“Currently people are accessing the service but come on 1st of November this the service will be fully operational,” Chauwa said.

Through the service, applicants will be able to register and login on the e-visa platform, fill and submit and applications, upload supporting documents including applicant’s photo and pay the visa fees in advance in line with new payment arrangements.

Once the application is approved, a notification is sent by email and similarly on the login page an approval document authorising entry into Malawi can be downloaded for use to facilitate the applicants travel arrangements and endorsement of a visa sticker onto the traveller’s passport at the port of entry by an Immigration Officer.

Economic analyst Gilbert Kachamba described the move as a boost to Malawi’s tourism sector.

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