Karonga taxi operators demand police response

Taxi operators from Karonga district says they are yet to receive a formal communication from Karonga Police Station on their demands for the removal of some alleged road traffic officers.

Two weeks ago, the taxi operators gave Karonga Police Station authorities a two weeks ultimatum, which elapsed on Thursday, to act on their demands or face demonstrations.

Karonga Taxi Operators Association chairperson, Walusako Munde said although some of their concerns have been addressed within the 14 days altimatum, they are still waiting for a formal communication from the police to ensure their demands are permanently addressed.

Munde said: “Within the two weeks period we gave them some of our concerns have been addressed because those officers who were involved in such malpractices are no longer present on the road and now our relationship with the traffic police is good.”

However Munde expressed ignorance on whether the said officers have been transferred from the station or not.

Despite expressing gratitude over the positive response by the police, Munde insisted that their association is still waiting for a written communication from the police as an assurance that their grievances are permanently addressed.

Two weeks ago, the taxi operators through their association threatened to hold demonstrations against the alleged misconduct by some traffic police officers, but the decision was reversed after the two sides held a meeting.

Among other outcomes of the meeting, the association gave police two weeks ultimatum to solve the matter.

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