Thin plastics disposal to take longer

The department of natural resources has admitted that the removal of thin plastics from the market will take a longer period.

Spokesperson for the department, Sangwani Phiri was reacting to the presence of the thin plastics on the market despite the ban by the Supreme Court in July.

He said his department is working in phases to completely eliminate the single-use plastic bags, a situation which needs more time.

Phiri said: “We can’t tell as to when these thin plastics will be completely wiped out from the market because the production of these plastics started many years back so the process of eliminating them will take a longer period of time.”

He further said his department is carrying out the work in phases and currently they are monitoring the manufacturers because the battle cannot be won if the production is not stopped.

However, Phiri said since the court ban was imposed, they have not come across any company which has neglected the court ruling.

“So far most manufacturers have responded very well to the court ruling,” he said.

On July 31, 2019  the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal on the banning of thin plastics by  manufacturers and gave government a mandate to resume the implementation of the plastics regulations of 2015.

The ban on thin plastics was imposed because they are environmental unfriendly since they do not decompose after being damped.

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