Ministry of health prepared for cholera

Ministry of health and population says it has put in place different measures to prevent cholera in the 2019/2020 rainy season.

The ministry revealed this in a statement signed by chief of health services Dr Charles Mwansambo.

The ministry said it will implement cholera prevention and control measures in collaboration with development partners.

Among other measures, the ministry will strengthen surveillance of diarrhea cases, distribute Chlorine to communities for water treatment, and send out cholera control information to all the people with support from the media and administering cholera vaccine in cholera prone areas.

The ministry has also reminded people to practice good hygiene habits such as drinking safe water, washing hands after visiting the toilet,   in order to prevent cholera.

People have also been advised to seek medical help if they develop diarrhea or if they are suffering from any other disease saying medical supplies for treatment of cholera patients are available in all health facilities of the country.

On 29 October, 2019,one cholera case was reported at Nathenje health centre in Lilongwe but the patient got discharged on November 1 because she recovered.

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