Bushiri offers to supply government with maize

Leader of the Enlightened Church Gathering (ECG), Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has offered to supply ADMARC with maize if local farmers and traders fail to sale the staple food to the state owned market by the expiry of two weeks period as directed by government.

Ministry of Agriculture on Friday adjusted the price of buying maize at its depots from K150/kg to K250/kg in ADMARC depots and K230 in rural markets to entice farmers and traders after realizing the slow pace of inflows to ADMARC.

Bushiri made the statement on Monday in Sandton, South Africa, through a televised address.

He said: ““I am offering to source maize for the government at the suggested prices, I trust that this action will help stabilize the market. I believe united we stand, united we can, a better Malawi is possible.”

The ECG leader said the prices on the market are alarming and the price shock cannot be left unchecked.

“Gradual increase of about K5 to K10 per Kilogram is normal without causing any alarm the current price shock cannot be left unchecked if we are to overcome the challenge against food insecurity which contributes to acute poverty levels in Malawi,” he said.

He said his concern was the ripple effect this would bring to the already struggling Malawi economy among which include sharp rise in inflation which would in turn lead to influencing rising interest rates which would trigger weakening of the Malawi Kwacha against foreign currencies.

He further promised to continue helping Malawians with free maize under Shepherd Bushiri Foundation.

Beginning July, Government through ADMARK has been buying maize from local farmers and traders.

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