Kaphale asks court to dismiss elections case

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has asked the constitution court to dismiss the presidential elections nullification case saying “it is lacking merit.”

Delivering an introductory statement in court on Wednesday, MEC lawyer, Kalekeni Kaphale, said the electoral process was transparent at all levels and that the irregularities being quarried in court by the petitioners were not enough to affect the poll outcome.

Kaphale further told the court that failure by the petitioners to call any monitor for MEC to testify in court is a sign that they do not have a strong basis for their case.

Said Kaphale: “Our position is that they lack merit because they have chosen to cross-examine three witnesses only yet the number of our witnesses is over 700, actually if MEC had ever tried to cheat they wouldn’t have been giving the monitors copies of results at stream and polling station level and they wouldn’t have been sent to national tally Centers.

MEC has also unveiled its three witnesses; Director of Elections, Hensley Mukhondia, Director of ICT, Muhawe Chisi and the Chief Elections Officer, Sam Alufandika who are expected to testify in court.

But reacting to Kaphale’s statement, Lawyer for Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, who is the second petitioner, Mordecai Msiska, quashed MEC’s position.

“There is more than enough evidence to show what went wrong and that the systems of control that were used were just a cover up and it’s my film view that enough evidence has been put forward for every Malawian to ask if indeed this was credible election,” said Msiska.

Meanwhile, MEC has paraded Chief Elections Officer, Sam Alufandika, to give his testimony.

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