Govt commits to promoting female sex workers’ rights

Government says it is committed to working with the female sex workers in the country in advocating for their rights as a way of fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS which is prevalent among them.

Minister of Gender, Mary Navicha made the commitment on Thursday in Blantyre when she was opening a day long training workshop for the sex workers aiming at equipping them with knowledge on how they can demand for safe sex among others.

“Before they became sex workers, there are human beings just like any other person and that their human rights have to be respected all the times. It’s the wish of government that sex workers are free from all sorts of abuse they suffer in the hands of men, posing as their clients,” said Navicha.

She added that at the moment, government is putting in place some deliberate measures to make the approach a success and keep the women, who are mostly victims, free from the pandemic.

Executive Director for Female Sex Workers Association- FESWA- Zinenani Majawa said her organization is overwhelmed with the support government has promised to give to them.

“We are being mistreated especially at the hospital. When we contract Sexual Transmitted Infection, the hospital personnel hesitate in treating us saying we are sex workers and that’s our work while on the other hand, police officers rape us day in day out,” said Majawa adding that the commitment by government, is a life saver.

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